Innovator of the Week: Jackson

Social Injustices Documentary from Texas (0336)

Led by: Jackson
Special Olympics Texas

The following post was written by Jackson, a Special Olympics youth leader from Texas. Jackson makes it his mission to strengthen inclusion in his community. Check out how he worked to #innovateforinclusion!

A Special Olympic Youth Leader from Texas smiling in front of a brick wall. Text within image reading: “Texas, USA. Social Injustices Documentary. February 28, 2021”

I came up with the idea of creating a documentary during Quarantine. Major events were going on in the world, specifically the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. I was having conversations with friends about the emotional impact and what I felt. I felt like I needed to do something even if it was a small piece, I couldn’t sit still and continue to just be an observer. We needed change and I needed to be a part of the change. My project was created to show different perspectives from Unified members across the country. I hope that this documentary educates others and opens their eyes to the types of experiences they have lived.

A major challenge and obstacle were COVID. Originally, I saw myself going to see different participants and interviewing them/shadowing them. I wanted to truly see life in their shoes. COVID did not allow for travel and so I had to find a way to complete the project virtually. Another major challenge was learning how to film and edit a movie. It is much more difficult than I anticipated. The last obstacle I had is something I deal with every day of my life. I have Dyslexia. Dyslexia makes it difficult for me to read. I have to do things in small increments to not be frustrated and feel fatigued. However, I loved getting to learn and grow through this experience.

My most memorable moments were the interviews. This was because I created strong connections with the participants. Some of the people that I worked with were Tajha Illerant, Eddie Yarbrough, Dalton Risner, and Daina Shilts. From Eddie, I learned that racial inequality is learned and can be changed. From Tajha I learned that we must all treat each other with respect and actions can affect our feelings dramatically. From Dalton, I learned that we must love each other no matter the differences that we have. I learned from Daina that Special Olympics and unified is what is going to change this world and make it a place that everyone can accept. I am extremely grateful for these participants and they will be able to teach the world these new ideas.

To view the full documentary click here.

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